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Shed & Dipity

Shed & Dipity "Water Shed" Garden & Animal Water Tower

Shed & Dipity "Water Shed" Garden & Animal Water Tower

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🌼 Welcome to Shed & Dipity! 🌼


Introducing the Shed & Dipity "Water Shed" Garden & Animal Water Tower—a sustainable and charming solution for all your garden and animal watering needs! Crafted from a robust rain collecting water barrel and supported by pressure-treated outdoor lumber, this water tower is not just sturdy; it's an eco-friendly centerpiece for any outdoor space. 🌧️

The "Water Shed" comes equipped with two nozzles that connect easily to standard hoses, allowing for flexible watering options whether you're nurturing your garden or providing for your animals. Its practical design is perfect for anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint while keeping their green spaces lush and their animals happy. 🌿

And there’s more! The "Water Shed" can seamlessly integrate with the Shed & Dipity "Chicken Shed" Chicken Coop, hooking up to its automatic watering system for an efficient and streamlined approach to chicken care. Just connect and let the "Water Shed" do the work of keeping your feathered friends hydrated. 🐔


  • Made with a durable rain collecting water barrel and pressure-treated wood
  • Two nozzles for easy connection to standard garden hoses
  • Ideal for both garden care and animal hydration
  • Eco-friendly solution to collect and reuse rainwater
  • Can be connected to the Shed & Dipity "Chicken Shed" Chicken Coop for automated poultry watering

The Shed & Dipity "Water Shed" Garden & Animal Water Tower isn’t just a tool—it’s an essential part of your gardening and animal care routine, bringing reliability, sustainability, and a touch of charm to your daily tasks. 💧🌼

Embrace the ease of sustainable living with the "Water Shed" and watch as your garden thrives and your animals enjoy the fresh, clean water they deserve. Order yours today and take a step towards a greener, more self-sufficient backyard!

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