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Shed & Dipity

Shed & Dipity "Chicken Shed" Coop

Shed & Dipity "Chicken Shed" Coop

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🌱 Welcome to Shed & Dipity! 🌿


Meet the Shed & Dipity "Chicken Shed" Chicken Coop 🐔, where your chickens will cluck in delight and lay eggs in style! Crafted with sturdy wood, metal roofing, and durable paint, this coop isn’t just robust; it’s a cozy haven for your feathered friends 🏡. It features four nesting boxes, ample roost space for late-night hen chats, a pulley door with a ramp for easy outside access, and a game-changing automatic watering system with RentACoop water nipples.

Thinking of easy egg collection? Add a Hen Gear Reversible Rollout Nest Box for eggs that roll out ready for your breakfast 🍳. Cleanup is a breeze with large access doors and a drawer-style floor that slides out for easy maintenance. The built-in lower chicken run ensures daily fun, with an optional larger run available for extra space 🌳.

Choose our convenient delivery and installation across most of Utah, or pick it up yourself for free if you're nearby! Treat your chickens to the Shed & Dipity "Chicken Shed" Coop and watch them strut in style and comfort!


Secure your coop with a 50% deposit. This deposit becomes non-refundable once construction begins. However, if you cancel after this phase, any delivery and installation fees paid will be refunded 🔄.


  • Crafted with wood, metal roofing, and high-quality exterior paint
  • Four nesting boxes
  • Ample roost space with removable roosts
  • Automatic watering system with RentACoop poultry water nipples and dribble dishes
  • Optional Hen Gear Reversible Rollout Nest Box
  • Large doors for easy cleaning access
  • Pull-out drawer-style floor for easy cleaning
  • Built-in lower chicken run
  • Removable ramp from pulley chicken door
  • Optional large chicken run available with removable roosts and nesting boxes
  • Flat rate local delivery and installation in Utah
  • Free local pickup


Chicken Coop: 4.25 x 5.5 x 6.6 feet (52 x 66 x 80 inches)

Optional External Chicken Run: 4.5 x 5.25 x 6 feet (54 x 63 x 72 inches)

Total dimensions with optional run: 8.75 x 5.5 x 6.6 feet (105 x 66 x 80 inches)

* Dimensions can vary slightly. Allow at least 6 inches of extra space around the coop.

Pickup or Delivery and Installation

Free local pickup in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Delivery within most of Utah includes installation, with fees clearly shown during checkout 🚚. Changed your mind? We understand. Any paid deposit and applicable fees will be refunded if plans change before construction starts.

Contact us for any questions or customizations. You can also click the chat button on our product page 💬.

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