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Jordan Yi

Yogurt Dream

Yogurt Dream

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Jordan Yi
Yogurt Dream
Acrylic on Wood Panel
6 x 6 x 1.5

Jordan Yi is a Korean-American artist attending the University of Chicago. Her primary media include graphite, ink, and digital illustration, but she has recently been exploring acrylic painting. Her illustrations tend to draw inspiration from nature and macabre symbolism for her illustrations, while her paintings focus more on themes of childhood and nostalgia. Though she double majors in visual art and linguistics and minors in neuroscience, her goal is to become a tattoo artist. Outside of art assignments, she designs tattoos and album art for commission and continues to hone her craft. Her currently featured pieces are stand-alone works. 

Yogurt Dream, Jordan Yi
Inspired by Yakult, a Japanese yogurt drink and cultural phenomenon with Korean children, Yogurt Dream is an homage to the cherished pieces of childhood that one carries through to adulthood. Yakult has always been a source of comfort and cheer—a little pocket of joy in my day to day life. Even as a college student, my fridge is stocked at all times with at least three Yakult: one for myself, one for a friend, and one for anyone else who might need some extra love.

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