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Shed & Dipity

Shed & Dipity "Watering Hole" Outdoor Drinking Fountain

Shed & Dipity "Watering Hole" Outdoor Drinking Fountain

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🌼 Welcome to Shed & Dipity! 🌼


Introducing the Shed & Dipity "Watering Hole" Outdoor Drinking Fountain—a must-have for any kid-friendly garden or backyard! This delightful fountain is crafted from a robust metal bucket, pressure-treated wood, and a sturdy gravel base, ensuring it stands strong through countless playtimes. 🚰

With its charming pipe and spout design featuring a user-friendly drinking fountain nozzle, the "Watering Hole" offers a refreshing and accessible water source for children. It easily connects to your garden hose and hooks into your home's culinary water supply, providing a reliable and fun way to stay hydrated while playing outdoors. 💦

Designed to be both functional and whimsical, this cute fountain doubles as a decorative piece in your outdoor space. Perfect for post-play refreshments or as a playful accent at outdoor gatherings, it's sure to be a favorite among the little ones! 🎉


  • Constructed with a durable metal bucket and pressure-treated wood
  • Stable gravel base ensures proper drainage
  • Attractive pipe and spout design with a practical drinking fountain nozzle
  • Simple hookup to any standard garden hose and home water system
  • Ideal for gardens, playgrounds, and any family-oriented outdoor area

The Shed & Dipity "Watering Hole" Outdoor Drinking Fountain isn’t just a way to drink; it’s a portal to fun and excitement, inviting joy and laughter into your garden. 🌞

Get ready to add a splash of adventure to your outdoor space! Order your "Watering Hole" today and turn your backyard into a whimsical oasis of hydration and happiness! 🌼

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