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Leslye Long

Rise Up

Rise Up

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mixed media: paper, acrylic on paper

36 x 50 inches

The man kneeling in a mask was from the streets in Paris France, the Parian Yellow Jackets; then there was the Hong Kong Resistance with their umbrellas; near the fist, Kenya's Climate change with the little boy sitting, the Brazilian Indigenous People Fires; then raised fist and arm from the 1960 Olympic to Black Lives Matter, Harriet Tubman. The mans face was purposely mutated and dulled, just like the mutation and genocide against African-Americans, hence the disfigured face and dislocated arm of the African American man in the lower right corner of the painting . And then there is Jesus. He skin bears the tears of mankind and the hole through his foot shows the cost he took for all of this. Rise Up is exposing the lies, bringing justice and restoration of purpose to the people who will listen.

Since 1998, Leslye Long Art and Design has provided businesses, communities and individuals across Chicago creative options for over 20 years. Our spirituality has been the impetus to the beauty seen in the projects, art and designs, provided to youth, institutions, and businesses alike. Each paintings, renovations and community projects speaks to the one goal of Leslye's portfolio of services: make the world a better place.

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