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Christian Clarke

Pioneer, a book by Christian Clarke

Pioneer, a book by Christian Clarke

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🎨✨ Limited edition of 60 art books, hardcover, hand signed and numbered! 📚🖋️

Pioneer is an imaginative series of paintings, drawings, and prints where I delve into the fascinating narratives, religious artifacts, and characters from my family's history and religious culture. This series depicts the colorful and playful tales of the Garside and Westwood families, my ancestors who settled in Salt Lake City after leaving their homelands. 🚢🌄

These pioneers bravely crossed the Atlantic Ocean and trekked the American frontier, guided by their consciences and faith in their new religion. ⛪🌍 The artworks in this series are inventive and fun re-creations, blending family anecdotes and historical photographs with a touch of fantasy and creativity. 🏞️📸✨

Through these imaginative pieces, I reconfigure and re-create the settings, characters, and narratives, bringing a unique and enchanting twist to my family's history. Join me in this visual journey, where the past meets a colorful reimagining, and every page turns into a playful exploration of heritage and creativity! 🎨✨

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