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Leslye Long

Mercy Gold

Mercy Gold

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acrylic, paper and ink on canvas

48 x 60 inches

Mercy Gold is the exploration of mercy and change needed for the companies contributing to the plastic pollution in the earth. The people behind the decisions for these companies need the mercy of God to help them make better decisions. The wasteful plastics currently gathering in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, that our food eats, and reports like the Plastic Waste Index provide public clarity on how the waste is effecting the earth and the change needed. But there is still hope. The Koi fish here is a symbol of perseverance. The pores, scales, eyes and fins of the Koi produce the Gold naturally and it can live despite of the damaged ecosystem. God can help any heart heal and each of our decisions can help our own mending and the mending of our planet.

Since 1998, Leslye Long Art and Design has provided businesses, communities and individuals across Chicago creative options for over 20 years. Our spirituality has been the impetus to the beauty seen in the projects, art and designs, provided to youth, institutions, and businesses alike. Each paintings, renovations and community projects speaks to the one goal of Leslye's portfolio of services: make the world a better place.

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