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Vel Kalum

Kemet Series 2 by Vel Kalum

Kemet Series 2 by Vel Kalum

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36 x 48 x 1.5 inches
Acrylic paint, mixed media

"My method to building my work is first I come up with a story I want to tell and then it's my job to put those words into visual concepts. During that process, I look for references to give me a more visual understanding of what I'm trying to make. I practice drawing different conceptual ideas (characters, clothes, environment) all based around the story I'm creating. With that info, I start on building up the layouts, environments, perspectives, and character design.

I'm a traditional artist that applies a comic style to my work. Since I've been young I've always been interested in comic box/anime, the ideal of a superhero has always grabbed my attention. One thing I notice as I got older there weren't many representations of black people in those genres. For my work, I like to incorporate a sense of realism. My work is based in fantasy are, but the stories thrive from black struggles and triumphs."

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