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Leslye Long



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acrylic on paper

48 x 60 inches

At times there is a season of standing still, being patient in between messages, understandings, growth and change. Interlude is a place of patience and stillness before you can clearly focus in on what's ahead. This place of standing requires trust in what and who is greater than you and an inward focus. Interlude tells us all to settle ourselves and be willing to wait, because the right thing is worth waiting for.

Since 1998, Leslye Long Art and Design has provided businesses, communities and individuals across Chicago creative options for over 20 years. Our spirituality has been the impetus to the beauty seen in the projects, art and designs, provided to youth, institutions, and businesses alike. Each paintings, renovations and community projects speaks to the one goal of Leslye's portfolio of services: make the world a better place.

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