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Leslye Long

Haven 4231

Haven 4231

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mixed media: paper, acrylic, ink on canvas

60 x 84 inches

Haven 4231 examines the social disarray and genocide in the United States; a journey of exposure, burial, identity and rebirth. It acknowledges the priceless decimated ethnicities in the faces and communities displayed in the first #4. Haven is a journey from the systemic trauma at the beginning of our country until today. It continues into a foreign darkness or death in #2. A door for all is opened in #3; its there where truth and identity is available. Until finally reaching the #1. We all reach the one naked, bruised and ashamed, yet in the one we are beautiful as the one transforms our identity. In Hebrew, #4231, means a city or haven; a harbor of refuge. This haven is available to each of us, no matter how decimated.

Since 1998, Leslye Long Art and Design has provided businesses, communities and individuals across Chicago creative options for over 20 years. Our spirituality has been the impetus to the beauty seen in the projects, art and designs, provided to youth, institutions, and businesses alike. Each paintings, renovations and community projects speaks to the one goal of Leslye's portfolio of services: make the world a better place.

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