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Christian Clarke

Collard v10-2081 (Wilberg Warsh)

Collard v10-2081 (Wilberg Warsh)

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Christian Clarke
Collard v10-2081 (Wilberg Warsh)
Paper, colored pencil, ink, machine learning ("A.I.")
5 x 5 inches (9 x 9 inches with frame)

10 originals are available.

Each original work will be slightly different and unique with the same character or imagery depicted and shipped in a custom frame.

This work is from the I, Emery County (3121) series:
"In this series, I teamed up with my Card-o-Bot machine learning ('Artificial Intelligence') models to playfully re-imagine my childhood stomping grounds in a future setting inhabited by robots and creatures. I used regional and family names for the places and characters. I trained machine learning models using hundreds to thousands of selected images to produce the first phase. I digitally modified the resulting images made by the 'A.I.' and then printed them on fine art paper. Next, I drew and painted on them."

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