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Alex Leemann

Autumn Knowledge

Autumn Knowledge

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Photography, paper, ink.

Artist statement
I think it is important to give myself exercises. While a photograph of a person, a portrait, can turn out beautifully just by the sheer ability of people to make moments non-static, to take a photo of the street or of nature proves to be more difficult. Spaces are, in reality, static. I seek to make them more dynamic, to make them more “textured”. When I am on a walk, sometimes I am surprised by how beautiful and pleasing a scene looks to me, because oftentimes these are places that I walk by every day. A building catching an incredibly specific light, a group of trees with branches somehow making the perfect pattern against the sky, a field of snow with just the right amount of dips and depressions — I almost can’t walk past without at least attempting to document it. I love surprises, and I hope to convey the feeling of this pleasure through my photography. This series is a set of moments in landscape.

I am a photographer interested in being able to make everyday, otherwise “mundane” moments more dynamic through the way I photograph these moments. My primary focus with photographing is the social environment/social scene around me— my friends, what they do, how they occupy spaces, and how much of a community there is surrounding us. However, I think it is important for me to photograph also static spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. Sometimes I gasp when I walk by something beautiful — I consider myself lucky — so I hope to document these moments. I hope to convey, through my photography, what they make me feel.

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